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At ACTUARIAL SOLUTIONS CORP., our job is to help the Employer plan for and accumulate funds for retirement deferring current income for use in retirement.

ACTUARIAL SOLUTIONS CORP. is a full service plan consulting and adminstration firm.
Arlene C. Jones, MSPA and Frank J. Dobis, FSA are Enrolled Actuaries and are principals of the firm. They each have more than thirty-five years of experience providing professional actuarial and administrative services to smaller pension plans. This makes ACTUARIAL SOLUTIONS CORP. uniquely qualified to meet the specialized needs of employers with less than 500 participants.

We also provide calculations and administrative services for Cash Balance pension plans, including dual plan testing with associated Profit Sharing and §401(k) plans.

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It's never too late to begin saving for retirement. But if you don't start now, you may not be able to support the lifestyle you would like once you are ready to stop or cut back on your work. A qualified retirement plan is a way to shelter business income now and to provide benefits at retirement for you and your employees. Please contact us to explore alternatives for your small business retirement plan.

Note change of address. The Boulder office has relocated to Asheville, North Carolina! I suppose it's not the Boulder office any more! The Colorado telephone number still works, but there is also a new local phone number:
(828) 785-1573

We continue to encourage correspondence that does not involve paper. You can't take the Boulder out of the girl.